Imagine that you have 100 shiny pennies spread out before you. If you gave 1 penny away to a child, would you even miss it?

ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN works with start-up, growth and established businesses to commit ONE PERCENT of their equity, and/or ONE PERCENT of their gross revenues annually, to help eradicate the major issues impacting children globally. Issues like:

  • child trafficking and sex slavery
  • child soldiers
  • child labor
  • child brides
  • child organ harvesting
  • displaced (refugee) children
  • orphaned and abandoned children
  • street children
  • infanticide
  • infant mortality
  • lack of access to clean water, education and basic health and nutrition
  • issues concerning safety, security and sustainability
  • issues concerning justice and compassion

Your business can make a difference in the lives of these children…ONE PERCENT at a time, ONE CHILD at a time.

ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN is a special collaboration of CHILDREN’S ISSUES EXPERTS — compassionate organizations, advocacy groups and activists who know the best practices and models for favorable outcomes; who know the due diligence and accountability systems required to ensure focus, integrity and the greatest application of resources; and who know the front-line partners and specialists who most-effectively engage the children of their villages and broader communities.

ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN is also a special collaboration of BUSINESS EXPERTS — entrepreneurs, venture start-up specialists, management consultants, and marketing professionals who know how to engage Boards and business owners in meaningful ways to create a culture of giving that BUILDS VALUE for companies and their stakeholders; who know how to achieve tangible results in the form of greater exposure and goodwill, increased customer loyalty and sales, and amplified business valuations that far exceed the ONE PERCENT invested in the lives of children worldwide.

In fact, not only will your business not miss the one percent, but it will be rewarded with a greater and ever-increasing pile of shiny pennies . . . because of its commitment to give ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN. Do it because it’s right for the children. But also do it because it’s right for your business and its stakeholders.

ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN‘s expert teams are currently soliciting CHARTER MEMBER businesses for involvement while we finalize our integrated systems and programs. CHARTER MEMBERS will always be a distinguished group, with greater status and exposure in ONE PERCENT FOR CHILDREN’s searchable indexes and exposure initiatives.

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